Training Notes: February – May 2021

This is a very brief update, serving primarily as an acknowledgement of what turned out to be an nonviable transitional period from endurance to sprint training.

It became increasingly clear to me over this period that it was time to move on from endurance riding. I discuss this in detail here.

In the meantime, the hybrid training that I was left with was a little too much for me to handle and wasn't properly focused, so once I'd finally committed to making a clean break from endurance cycling in favour of sprinting, the first thing I needed to do was come up with an entirely new training plan.

This took quite a lot of effort (due in part to the relative lack of available material on sprint cycling as compared with endurance cycling), but in due course I came up with something that seems like it might be workable. Or at least a decent starting point.

The results can be found here. I'll go through the details (which are of course still in flux) next time.