Weekly Training Notes #9

I was still recovering from my injury this week, although I felt much better than last week. However, my right side is still weak and lacking in power, so all my numbers naturally were down too.

I upped the volume a lot compared with last week, and reintroduced a little higher intensity work. Along with many extended commute rides throughout the week, I did an intervals session on Thursday. It went well, but the lack of power on my right side was evident throughout.

On Saturday I did a pretty long group ride, although it was fairly moderate in intensity. But I really don't want to push things too hard until I'm fully recovered.

Sunday's group recovery ride was cut short by a rainstorm. I could have continued alone, especially as the weather cleared up before I got home, but I'd already had a decent week so I was happy to leave it where I did.

It may take another week or more until I'm 100% again, but hopefully I can now resume my normal workouts, after a rest day tomorrow.

sunny morning resuming my intervals rides made me feel better

Designation: In-Season, Build 2 Time: 18 hours | Distance: 465 km | Low:Medium:High Intensity: 85:13:2 Weight Training: 0 x Lower Body, 1 x Upper Body | Walking: 4 km

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