Ian's Training Notes

This week I began the final mesocycle of the Pre-Season plan, consisting of twice-weekly VO2max intervals in addition to the usual low-intensity weekday rides, long Saturday group ride and an easy Sunday recovery ride. This will be repeated for three weeks, followed by a recovery week before I move into the In-Season.


Since my first weekly training notes started 1.5 years into my odyssey, this is a heavily pared down recap of that first eighteen months, to get you up to speed.

You'll be able to read about what got all this cycling stuff started and why I love it so much in an upcoming article.

I rode my new bike back from the bike shop on 31st July 2017 (my heart, as yet unaccustomed to exercise, hitting 195 bpm in the summer heat despite the leisurely pace!).


This is the first in a planned ongoing series of weekly training notes. If you want more detail, follow me on Strava, and see my full training plan.

This was quite long for a recovery week, but as indicated below, the vast majority was low-intensity and so contributed relatively little fatigue. My overall fitness is now high enough that this volume presents no problems.

For the last few weeks I've been incorporating a dedicated leg-speed workout (now up to 20 minutes at 130 rpm) on my Friday commute ride, to improve my core stability and neuromuscular efficiency. I've extended this by also adding 5 minutes leg speed work to the warmup on each intervals ride. This seems already to be translating into improved acceleration, as these examples show:


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